Drew this little guy yesterday. I’m diggin’ him.
I’m going to be out in a bit of wilderness for the next few days, sorry I won’t have an update tomorrow.
Have a great weekend everyone!
06.27.13 /12:00/ 15

Working on a print to bring to Kids Read Comics this Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It’s a free event, so come on down and see me at table #17, there’s going to be some great guests!

(Just a note, I can only be there on Saturday, but the event is on Sunday as well, so don’t be afraid to come then.)


Cute little gem I found in my sketchbook. Thanks Mike! C:

I draw in other people’s sketchbooks if they leave them around. BE WARNED! ;)
04.04.13 /18:21/ 17
I drew Amy a few weeks ago. Her hat is awesome.
01.31.13 /14:19/ 16

Thanks to all my followers! I’ve finally crossed the 2000 border. My life is validated!

King of the Gumshoes!
10.14.12 /11:37/ 19
Canvas  by  andbamnan