I found this file on my hard drive.
I think it was for a character design portfolio.
Click here for the large version.
Dat mouse!
Who is this guy?
I dunno, but I like him.
Blob Head Student Boy.
Just drew this.
Do you have the Spirit?
Sometimes I wish I had awesome dreads and a sweet hat like this dude.
This lady?

Acornhead character designs watercolored by Keaton Kohl.

Character designs for The Legend of Acornhead.

This little guy was fun to draw 6 months ago.
I often pronounce his name “Gilly” in my head.
Rescued character from an old sketchbook.
Drew this last year. Resurrected just in time for Halloween.
King of the Gumshoes!
These dragons were way too cute not to post again.
I knew this guy was awesome when I drew him. Glad I rescued him for you to see again.