These are samples I did for a potential job. I didn’t get the job, but I’m very happy with these samples.

I am a deeply religious person, so drawing something very important to me was really intimidating. Luckily, I had a deadline and eventually just had to stop thinking and draw it. Not having time to worry helped me to create way better artwork than I would have if I had let it fester.

This is a survey I answered for a student from my alma mater, BYU-Idaho.

What are your projections for this type of work or industry? Is it stable, growing, declining?

-The illustration industry is growing and declining at the same time. Many old avenues for illustration are dying (like magazines and newspapers, for example) while some are opening up. Through the internet, I follow the work of quite a few illustrators who do character design and background painting work in the animation industry.

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"A good fort needs a gap. The enemy must be lured in. So we can attack them. If we only defend, we lose the war."

-Shimada Kambei

Kambei, my favorite of the Seven Samurai.

Drew this guy last night and decided to color it the same way I did the Dende piece.

Dende, my favorite Dragonball character w/ the original drawing.

I’ve been sketching a lot along with the students in the class I’m teaching. In the class, the students go various places to watch people/animals and draw quick gesture drawings of them. Doing this with my students has made me better at drawing gestures, but I was missing doing a more deliberate, slow and calculated drawing. After drawing this deliberate drawing last night, I thought I would try to make a pen drawing into a finished illustration. I’m still trying to marry my sketchbook style with my illustration style. How did I do with this one?

Second try!

I’m updating my portfolio, which images do you think work well? Which ones should be left out?

Some caricatures I did last year for my daughter’s tuition fundraiser.

The themes were:

1. American Gothic

2. Civil War

3. Cincinnati Reds

4. Penguins

The themes were requests by the families and had to do with their own interests.

Canvas  by  andbamnan