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A job from early last year that fell through. I found it while looking through some old files. Not sure if I ever posted them.

Draw some comics.
Recent spot illustration that I really liked.

My Witchsona is a CMYK dark elf with a mini-Chinese dragon familiar.

(I wanted to finish this one so bad, I colored it with a mouse at CCAD, where the computer I was on didn’t have a tablet.)

On the first day of class, I asked my freshmen illustration students to name various objects, animals, people, etc. They voted on the 3 they liked best. (Ghost, sword and ugly Christmas sweater). They then worked on thumbnail ideas for a spot illustration incorporating all of those things.
The final spot is due today. Here is my (1 hour) version. (I had to finish a freelance assignment today so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. I had this idea for Power Rangers that were the Ghost Ranger and Ugly Sweater Ranger, but that would have been more involved.)
Part of a freelance job I’m working on.
I posted the sketch before, so I thought I would post the final.
What I was working on yesterday. The last of 6 book covers. Now I just need to finish the interior B&W art.
By the way, I was accused of making the character in the middle look like me. Maybe just the hair…

I did this illustration for the December issue of “The Friend”. The bottom image is the layout for the magazine. I drew the “Merry Christmas” at the top as well.

I put my 2 daughters in the choir. They are the girls to the left and the right of the boy in the middle with his eyes closed.

You can read the article online here.

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas-time, everyone!

Work-in-progress of a book cover. Need to finish this one up tonight. It’s due tomorrow!
Old sketchbook drawing.
Done in pen and colored Sharpie.

Sketchbook studies I did for the above “Speaker for Dead" children’s book illustration.

Is anyone else super pumped about the Ender’s Game movie?

Posting this Illustration from last year because I really like it.
Happy Halloween everyone!
The last assignment in my Sophomore Illustration class was a t-shirt design. I made them upload the completed design to Threadless accepted a handful for voting, so I wanted to post links to those shirts so you guys can go and support these students. Here are the links:

And thanks to all my students for participating. I’m sorry that Threadless isn’t the perfect site for all of your designs. Please look for other places to submit them!
Sketched during a movie I didn’t want to watch.
Everyone is holding a little bird for some reason.
I went to an employment seminar a few months ago and took 7 pages of notes in my sketchbook.
These are all the margin doodles from those notes.
And yes, there is a reference to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in there. How many of you can spot it?