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Meeting sketchbook page. The best thing I got from the meeting, “Take notice of your good days. The normal ones.” I don’t often just sit back and think about how many good days I have. How many days I have where I enjoy being with my family, enjoy my work, enjoy what I eat, etc. Just normal days.
In-class comic.

Messing around with a webcam.

Sketchbook page with some of the drawings from this week.
Another good one similar to these.
Got any more?
Mommy money!
Drew the hair based off of these excellent illustrations by Natali Martinez.
Here’s the sketchbook page with all of my drawings from last week.
Lil’ Onion Knight. 
I’ve already received a couple of great responses to today’s post. Got any more?
Hey Pterry, what’s up?
Here’s the Mommy Money I printed the other day. Go ahead and print it out yourself and use it for your own family.
If there are issues with the size from the upload, I will find a better way to get it online.
(I just tested it and the printout should work fine as long as you set it to “Fit Image to Page” or some similar option.)
If anyone is interested in a personalized version of this, please send me a message on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook.