Alicia Kleman gave me the drawing on the bottom so I drew the same guy in my sketchbook plus his friend the diaper guy… and a dolphin… and some other dude… and some type.

I tried making my own… it doesn’t come naturally to me.




A little comic I did for my wife for Christmas.  Our son Max is autistic, and can only say a few words. That doesn’t stop him from trying to communicate with us through his laughing, his crying, and his awesome hugs!

Forgive the self-reblog, but April 2nd is autism awareness day. All I can add to the discussion is to say how much I love my son Max, and I wouldn’t change anything about him.Take the time to say a few words of encouragement to any family and friends who might be having a hard time. Words are wind!

My son is also on the autism spectrum. This little comic means a lot to me. Good job Tyson.

My younger daughter is also on the autism spectrum. This comic echos my feeling about her. Thank you so much for this.
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